The Space Goa | Regular Drop In
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Intensive Vijnana Yoga

750 INR Drop ins

Jason is taking you on Intensive yoga journey, going deeper into yourself through deep understanding of yoga postures, meditation and Pranayama for better and accurate practice. Each week a different topic will be covered in detail.

Guided Meditation

By Donation …

Mira’s guided meditation is a treat. She uses her knowledge of the mind body and spirit to lull participants into a quiet, still and receptive state. She shares her knowledge of science of mind and body to help you find a new way to understand yourself.

Free Giant Leap Dance


Mira shares her love of dance with you every Wednesday morning. Using the music from an inspirational documentary, she guides you to turn inward and to truly express yourself from deep inside your core.

How to Manifest Your Dream Partner

1000 INR

Marketa and Jogender are husband and wife, and they have the key to understanding self to find a partner. They will teach you about what it means to love yourself and why self-love is a critical part of a healthy relationship as well as give proven techniques for manifesting the partner of your dreams.

Women’s Sacred Journey

400 INR

Join Nicola for an inspiring journey inside. She guides a group of willing women through their fears to discover what is truly within, with vibrations of shamanic drum.

The Work of Byron Katie Workshop

500 INR

Jogender and Marketa are knowledgeable teachers of the work of Byron Katie. Each week they lead willing participants through the mind. They will help you to better understand your emotions as well as your mind. By the end of one of their workshops you will say with conviction, “I am not my mind.”

Vijnana Yoga

450 INR

Jason and Galia are experienced and passionate yoga teachers who are capable of giving any yogi a brand new perspective of yoga and what it means to practice. They guide you through meditation, pranayama, asanas, and your practice will never be the same.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

400 INR

Linzi is an energetic and kind yoga teacher. Her class offers each student the opportunity to go on a journey through each of the poses. Through meditation, pranayama, and gentle guidance and alignment, Linzi promises to give you laugh while stretching you out!

Family Constellations

1000 INR

Darshana is a beautiful, brilliant, and kind healer. In Family Constellations, Darshana helps participants to face painful and sometimes traumatic things from their family history. Along with Darshana, participants help each other to heal.

Dancing in the Garden

By Donation …

The very talented Kubaba puts on a set of funky, sunny house beats. His sets will get your toes tapping and hips shaking! He makes sure that before you leave, you will be singing and dancing in joy.

Live Music Sound Healing

400 INR

Every Sunday, Leah and Juan lead a group through a mystical journey of music and healing. Juan plays the Bansuri flute while you lay down and meditate as the healing vibrations wash over you entirely. Leah accompanies him on guitar, and various other instruments.

Art Painting as Meditation

400 INR

Linzi guides a group of open minded art students in a lesson of creative expression. Through bright, vibrant colors and a deep connection with your subconscious, participants get a new view of their own artistic ability, their identity, and their current state.

Hammock therapy

When: Any time within opening hours

By donation …

Did you ever lay in hammock and it felt like the world problems just melted away? There is a reason for it and you can experience it with our unique hammock therapy with guided meditation at the back of our garden, any time when you feel like it. Collect your audio at the reception and return it after you are done. Please be respectful and quiet when workshops are on.

Guided meditation

When: Tuesdays 11-12 am.

By donation …

Guided meditations are a great tool to go deep inside of one subconsciousness and possibly reach profound understanding that is within you. Otherwise you can also just relax and listen to a story where you are the main hero. Each week different topic connected to basic laws of human and nature.

Dance improvisation therapy – Movement Forward

When: 9.30 – 10.30 am Wednesdays.

By donation …

Dancing is my life, dancing is my soul, it is a time when all else falls away and I am in deep connection with my higher self. I feel myself completely and letting all else go, I live as a flow, therefore I exist. I am my own guru, guiding me through life, every part of my body has a story to tell. I am listening…

Yoga – Practicing, Feeling, Understanding from inside

When: beginning of October

Monday: 8.30 – 10.00 (1,5h)
Tuesday and Thursday: 9.15-10.45 (1,5 h)
Friday: 8.00 – 11.00 (3 h)

According to the great Vedantist philosopher Sankara, vijñāna is a deep understanding or knowing that cannot come about merely through outer knowledge. Even the knowledge expounded by our teachers and the inspiration we receive from spiritual texts is not enough. Vijñāna is when inner clarity is revealed through personal experience.

Our training is based on four components: Quiet sitting (Meditation), Breathing exercises (Pranayama), Yoga poses (Asana) and Studying the written tradition of yoga

All these are done with a focus on the seven vital principles: Relaxing the body, Quieting the mind, Focusing through intent, Rooting, Connecting, Awareness of breath and Expanding (lengthening and widening). Focusing on the seven principles makes it possible to be attentive inwards and inside. To see, understand and act skillfully in our life.


Galia Tagger:

Galia was a dancer in her youth and always interested in investigating the body and its movement. At the age of 25 Galia stopped her acting studies and went traveling in India, where she was exposed to yoga for the 1st time. Through yoga she felt that her love for physical movement and her natural curiosity of her inner-self could meet and lead to peace and tranquillity. Galia spent the next 2 years deepening her understanding and working with different teachers from different branches of yoga (Iyenger, Ashtanga, Shivananda and others) till she came across Orit San-Gupta founder of Vijanana yoga. In 2002 Galia began 3 year ‘Teacher training course’ at the Wingate Institute under his supervision. Galia has been teaching yoga ever since, including regular classes, yoga for pregnancy, yoga therapy and yoga for children.

Galia is also a Body – Psychotherapist (Biosynthesis). In her work she combines her body understanding from the yoga world with her therapeutic nature of the therapist.