The Space Goa | Food
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Our Conscious World Cafe + Deli offers delicious wholesome food with fresh and tasty options to satisfy every desire. Be it organically grown or locally sourced, raw or vegan, naturally sweet or gluten free, The Space Goa is the place to be!

Meet our new chef

Chef Aditi Keni is the best of both worlds. While it may come as no surprise that she is currently busy with setting up a Health Café in Mumbai, along with researching material for a new book; she has worked hard to get where she is. A curious soul with a B.A. in English Literature from Sophia College, Mumbai, and a major in cinematography at FTII, Pune; she went on to pursue her love for food at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts in Vancouver, Canada. She is known to be able to hold her own in both — pastry as well as culinary kitchens.

Aditi works as a consultant for food businesses and has made her presence felt across Vancouver, Dubai, Delhi, Bangalore, Cochin, Goa, Pune and Mumbai. She is on the board of directors for Bread by Us in Ottawa, Canada. She has also worked with a gelato master, an 8th-generation artisanal bread baker, and a master of Molecular Gastronomy. She is also a trained competition chef.

Having learnt under industry legends like Julian Bond, Tanya Heck, Ian Klienman, Mourad Lahlou, James Coleridge, Vikram Vij, Jamie Oliver, and Michele Roux Sr., she brings to the table practical contact with food trucks, hotel kitchens, as well as high-end restaurants.

She is also a WSET certified wine professional and is just beginning to dabble professionally with Beer, Whiskey, Coffee and Tea pairings with savoury and sweet courses.

Chef Aditi Keni is currently Based in Mumbai. She has been a mentor for and created the skeleton for India’s first personal chef website, Hopping Chef; Set up a Poutinerie as well as a Nutritional Snack line and has also been the foundation for Eatyadi, a consultancy for all things edible. Earlier in the year she was sanctioned to Research and Create Content for Television and the Web that revolved around food and Drink that is currently being aired on different visual mediums across Asia.

Her passions include children’s nutrition which led to the recent launch Munchster, which is a personalized baby food brand. Her private Chef services are much sought after and steadily making their presence felt in the gastronomic circles of India.